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What is the full form of ICT?

Full form of ICT: Here, we are going to learn about the ICT, its full form, significance of ICT, usages, advantages and disadvantages.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on November 21, 2019

ICT: Information and Communications Technology

ICT is an abbreviation of Information and Communications Technology. Information and Communications Technology alludes to tools of technology and resources, which uniformly bring together communication devices and applications used to manage network-based on organizing and monitoring, incorporation of telecommunications, processing of audiovisual and transmission systems, compulsory enterprise software, middleware, intelligent building management systems, broadcasting and e-print media and so on. It comprises any outcome that reserves, recover and organizes digital data like computers, mobile phones, robots, etc.

The description of ICT cannot persist in a specific way as the techniques and applications convoluted in ICT are developing gradually on a daily basis.

ICT full form

Significance of ICT

ICT has begun to be a fundamental requirement for today's generation and society. Corporations and business organizations use ICT through many different methods and processes of action regarding social, economic, and political development, with a specific significance on helping poor and mediocre people and communities, for example, to increase and enhance growth, development, and productivity, bring clients and customers, uplift their resources, etc. ICT applications put together some intelligent or smart specifications and features to the technologies which exist.

ICT industry's impact on economic growth is either direct or indirect. The latest present time communication networks can be utilized to increase the advertisement and enhance the growth of the organization. Many industrial amenities rely on ICT directly or indirectly.

Usage of ICT

  • In Education, it is used to collect useful information, e-learning and the automation system of the library.
  • In Banking, it is used in online banking and to withdraw and check money updates through ATM.
  • In Industry, it is used in automobile manufacturing industries, which use robots in fields and factories and in aerospace research, which use supercomputers.
  • In the Commerce section, it is used in buying and selling goods on the internet and using online payment methods and in advertising.


  • Cost-effectiveness in various offers from telecommunication companies and smartphones, thus making it far less in price than it was in comparison to the past.
  • The availability of websites is now accessible for communication all the time.
  • ICT has been a generator of new, exciting, creative and interesting jobs in the IT fields, such as computer programmers, web designers, software developers, etc.


  • ICT also came out with a lack of privacy and security issues such as email hacking, phone signal interception, etc.
  • It has also generated job redundancies and subcontracting in bigger firms.
  • It has become much easier now for internet users to bully and threaten others in social media pages all over the world.

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