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What is the full form of MCB?

Full form of MCB: Here, we are going to learn what does MCB stands for? MCB – which is an abbreviation of "Miniature Circuit Breaker" in Gadget Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 18, 2020

MCB: Miniature Circuit Breaker

MCB is an abbreviation of "Miniature Circuit Breaker".

It is an automatically operated electronics switch. It is designed to detect the fault in the electrical circuit by detecting the extreme amount of current flow in the circuit and breaks the circuit as soon as possible.

In the beginning, fuses were used in place of MCB. Fuses require being substitute after a short circuit at the same time MCB just has to be reset and it will start working. MCB provides better operational safety and is suitable to use.

MCB full form

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MCB Working

  • On every occasion, when incessant overcurrent flows through MCB, the bimetallic strip is heated and turns aside by bending.
  • This turning aside of bimetallic strip let lose a mechanical latch. As this mechanical latch is connected with the operating machinery, it becomes a basis to release the miniature circuit breaker links, and the MCB switches off in that way discontinuing the current to flow in the circuit.
  • To resume the process and regenerate the flow of current the MCB required to be manually turned ON.
  • This mechanism of MCB switch off protects from the faults taking place due to over current or overload. But for the period of short circuit situation, the current goes up rapidly, which becomes a source of electromechanical displacement of plunger connected with a tripping coil or solenoid. The plunger hits the trip lever causing the instant release of the latch mechanism as an effective open the circuit breaker links.
  • An MCB is very simple, easy to use and is not commonly repaired. It is just easier to substitute. The trip section is the key element, which is in charge of its suitable working.
  • There are two major types of trip mechanism:
    1. A bi-metal offers protection against overload current.
    2. An electromagnet offers protection against short-circuit currents.

In case of overheating MCB takes 2 seconds to 2 minutes to trip.

MCB Features

  • Managing MCB is much secured than a fuse for electrical appliances at the same time for human beings also.
  • In MCB, defective wire trips off from an original place which makes it very much achievable without enormous effort to detect faults.
  • It offers an enhanced interface by using a knob.
  • MCB is reusable and for this reason, is cheaper than a fuse.
  • It is highly responsive to current.
  • To make supply again, a person just has to push the knob.


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