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What is the full form of NAAC?

Full form of NAAC: Here, we are going to learn about the NAAC, full form of NAAC, overview, history, NAAC vision & objectives, NAAC core values, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 08, 2020

NAAC: National Assessment and Accreditation Council

NAAC is an abbreviation of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. It is a self-governing organization that evaluates, appraises and accredits Higher Education in India.

In 1994, the NAAC was founded by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India after the proposals and counseling of the National Policy in Education (1986) which emphasized the quality of higher education in India. Its head office is situated in Bangalore.

On May 28, 2018, Prof. S C Sharma appointed as the new Director of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. Prof. Dhirendra Pal Singh is the current President and Chairman of the Executive Committee of NAAC.

NAAC full form

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NAAC Vision

Its vision is to make excellence a significant factor of higher education in India through quality appraisal, assessment, support, promotion, and other initiatives.

NAAC Objective

To accomplish its vision it has classified its objective into a variety of tasks which are as follows:

  • Periodic evaluation, appraisal, and accreditation of institutions of higher education.
    Organize and put together particular academic programs and projects to improve and develop the quality of education.
  • To support and promote self-evaluation, accountability, innovation, and autonomy in higher education.
  • To commence research studies, consultancy and training programs associated with quality education.
  • To put the effort in collaboration with other stakeholders of higher education for quality appraisal, assessment, and promotion.

NAAC Core Values

  • Contribute to National Development
  • Pass on comprehensive proficiencies and skills among students
  • Supporting and encouraging technology in education
  • Pursuit for quality


It has a completely prepared, operational and well-stocked library that covers all areas of higher education particularly associated with quality in higher education and accreditation.

The compilation of well-stocked library comprises:

  • Titles on assessment and accreditation
  • Teaching-learning process
  • Curriculum development
  • Teaching techniques
  • Faculty development
  • Women studies
  • Student development, etc.

It also has a unique compilation of UGC, AIU, UNESCO, World Bank, and publications of a variety of other reputed accreditation organizations.

The library has a separate compilation of:

  • Self Study Reports (SSR)
  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell Reports (IQAC)
  • Re-Accreditation Reports (RAR)

It remains open from 9:15 am to 5:45 pm on all working days.


  • NAAC works in collaboration with national and international organizations.
  • At the national level, it exchanges ideas with several professional organizations such as the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), Dental Council of India (DCI), etc.
  • At the international level, it contributes to the activities of Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) and International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).


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