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What is the full form of SEBI?

Full form of SEBI: Here, we are going to learn about the SEBI, full form of SEBI, overview, history, head office, members, Functions and responsibilities, etc.
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SEBI: Securities and Exchange Board of India

SEBI is an abbreviation of the Securities and Exchange Board of India. On 12 April 1992, it was founded to control and standardize the securities market of India.

SEBI full form

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The chief objective of SEBI is to take care and guard the interest of investors in securities and support and encourage the expansion and growth of the securities market.

Head Office

SEBI head office is situated in Mumbai. It has four regional offices in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmadabad. SEBI has opened local offices at Jaipur and Bangalore and scheduling to open offices at Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, Patna, Kochi, and Chandigarh.


  • On 12 April 1988, SEBI was founded by the Government of India.
  • On 30 January 1992, it had been given statuary powers with SEBI Act 1992 passed by the Indian Government.


Following mentioned below are the members of SEBI, through which it got administered, which consists of:

  • The chairman is nominated by the Union Government of India.
  • Two members, i.e., Officers from the Union Finance Ministry.
  • One member from the Reserve Bank of India.
  • The remaining five members are nominated by the Union Government of India; out of them at the minimum three shall be whole-time members.

Functions and responsibilities

The responsibility of the requirements of three groups, which comprise the market, is on SEBI.

These groups are:

  • Issuers of securities
  • Investors
  • Market intermediaries

SEBI has three functions revolved into one organization:

  • Quasi-legislative
  • Quasi-judicial
  • Quasi-executive

It drafts systems and policies in its legislative faculty, it carries out investigation and enforcement action in its administrative function and it passes judgments and orders in its judicial faculty.

Powers of SEBI

SEBI is integrated with several crucial powers to operate well.

These powers are:

  • Verify the books of accounts of economic mediators.
  • Inflicted fees and other charges on the mediators for performing its operation.
  • Make sure certain corporations to listing out their shares in one or more stock exchanges.

SEBI committees

  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Committee for review of the structure of infrastructure institutions
  • Advisory Committee for the SEBI Investor Protection and Education Fund
  • Takeover Regulations Advisory Committee
  • Primary Market Advisory Committee (PMAC)
  • Secondary Market Advisory Committee (SMAC)
  • Mutual Fund Advisory Committee
  • Corporate Bonds & Securitization Advisory Committee


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