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What is the full form of UPS?

Full form of UPS: Here, we are going to learn about the UPS, full form of UPS, overview, types of UPS system, features, advantages, disadvantages, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on December 02, 2019

UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS is an abbreviation of Uninterruptible Power Supply. It operates with the support of a battery which is used to supply power in the lack of most important source or when there is cut off of the power supply. A UPS provides a user sufficient time to save all his data in order not to lose it, as it can maintain a computer running for some minutes after the cutoff of a power supply or any kind of disruption.

Software is now offered by lots of UPSs, which automatically operates by saving user's data and maintaining a shutdown of his computer.

In the selection process of UPS systems, battery size also plays an important role in the set up of the system.

UPS full form

Types of UPS System

UPS system categorized into two types which are given in the following points,

  1. Stand-by power system:
    It is also known as offline UPS and line-interactive UPS. It operates; when there is an immediate cut off in power supply and then at that time, it switches the system to the battery in only some milliseconds. Throughout this duration of time, there is no power supply in the computer. This power supply is almost entirely used in a computer or supply store of office.
  2. Online UPS:
    Online UPS is a provider of continues power supply, which supplies power uninterruptedly from its inverter. It has two disadvantages, the first one is that it is further costly in comparison to stand-by UPS and the second one is that it comprises a cooling fan because of which a lot of noise originates.


  • Voltage spike gets controlled.
  • Noise gets reduced.
  • A frequency gets stabilized.
  • Monitoring of power supply gets easy.


  • UPS power supply maintains the power of all computer and electric systems during the period of a power outage.
  • Continuous processing of operation can be offered by UPS.
  • A surge of security and protection because of an uninterruptible power supply.
  • The cleanness of the incoming power before transmitting the power to the output is maintained by the development of line-interactive UPS.


  • A large investment of cost is required for the installation of a UPS power supply in the corporate sector.
  • The large corporate sector required more setup of a UPS power supply than the standard surge protector.
  • Maintenance cost is required because UPS batteries do not last forever.

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