Golang Buffered Input-Output Programs

In Go Language, to implement buffered input-output – we use bufio package. bufio package wraps an io.Reader and io.Writer object (for data input and output operations respectively), creating another object (Reader or Writer) that also implements the interface but provides buffering and some help for textual I/O.

This section contains the solved Golang Buffered Input-Output programs. Practice these Golang Buffered I/O programs to learn the Buffered Input-Output concept, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Golang Buffered Input-Output programs.

List of Golang Buffered Input-Output Programs

  1. Golang program to write data into the file using buffer writer
  2. Golang program to get the buffered size using buffer writer
  3. Golang program to get the available buffer size of buffer writer
  4. Golang program to reset the buffer writer
  5. Golang program to get the default buffer writer size
  6. Golang program to change the buffer writer size
  7. Golang program to create a simple buffer reader
  8. Golang program to read one byte from the file using buffer reader ReadByte() function
  9. Golang program to read data from the file using buffer reader Read() function
  10. Golang program to read data from file till specified character using pre-defined function

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