Golang Command-Line Arguments Programs

In Go language, command-line arguments are the common & useful way to parameterize the execution of programs like other programming languages. By using command-line arguments we can pass the values (arguments) from the command-line to the main function at run time. The os package has a method named Args (os.Args) to achieve this, os.Args is an array of strings that contains all arguments passed through the command-line.

This section contains the solved Golang command-line arguments programs. Practice these Golang command-line arguments programs to learn the concept of parameter passing from command-line to program, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Golang command-line arguments programs.

List of Golang Command-Line Arguments Programs

  1. Golang program to demonstrate the command line arguments
  2. Golang program to find the count of command-line arguments
  3. Golang program to parse a command line flag of string type
  4. Golang program to parse a command line flag of integer type
  5. Golang program to parse multiple command-line flags
  6. Golang program to parse command flags with command line arguments

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