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Dynamic Web project in eclipse

In this article, we will look upon how to create/implement a Dynamic web project in eclipse mars 2.0?
Submitted by Manu Jemini, on February 28, 2018

The Eclipse IDE is very popular and used to make a wide range of projects. The Dynamic web projects contain different technologies together and make the working very simple.

To create a Dynamic web project we have to follow these 6 simple steps. First click on the File icon then hover on new field which will create a new menu to choose the type of projects or files you want to create. Choose dynamic web project and a window will open up. In the window fill the corresponding name for the project and click next. This wizard will tell us about the advance configurations which are not important for beginners, so keep on clicking next. In the End click finish and you will have your project ready.

Here are the steps to create dynamic web project in Eclipse,

1) Click on the Icon File

Dynamic Web project in eclipse 1

2) Hover on New

Dynamic Web project in eclipse 2

3) Click on Dynamic Web Project

Dynamic Web project in eclipse 3

4) Fill the name of the project and click next

Dynamic Web project in eclipse 4

5) Click next

Dynamic Web project in eclipse 5

6) Finally click FINISH

Dynamic Web project in eclipse 6

7) Here you have your project ready with all necessary files to work with

Dynamic Web project in eclipse 7

Now, one can add each and every file in these folders to work on web project.

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