Introduction to MATLAB

MATLAB Introduction: In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the MATLAB (An Introduction to MATLAB).
Submitted by Alok Kumar, on September 09, 2019

MATLAB Introduction

MATLAB was designed by Cleve Moler for his student in 1970s but after some time jack little, an engineer realized it's potential and rewrote it at the MathWorks, and it was rewritten in C language by the date of 1984. It allows the user to solve the matrix, to create the algorithms and helps them to implement, it as well as it helps the user to plot the graph of the functions and the data. It also creates a kind of interface with programs written in other languages such as python, C, C++, and java.

MATLAB was first designed to be used for the numerical computing as well as allowing the user to access the symbolic computing abilities than it was also for the simulating the multi-domain graphical function for dynamic and embedded systems.

As now in 2019, currently, MATLAB is being used by the various researchers and scientists to analyze the various equations and function more easily and hassle-free. It is currently being used by more than 3.2 million users worldwide. The users of MATLAB are not just from the research background but also the backgrounds of engineering, science, and economics.

The software is popular because it is powerful and easy to use. For the students studying in technical colleges or universities, it can be thought of as the next tool to use after the graphic calculator in high school.

MATLAB is a powerful language for technical computing. The name MATLAB stands for the matrix laboratory because its basic data element is a matrix. In industry, the software is used in research, development, and design. The standard MATLAB program has tools, a kind of function that can be used to solve common problems. In addition to the above tools, it also has optional toolboxes that are a collection of specialized programs designed to solve specific types of problems.

The use of toolboxes is for signal processing, control systems, and symbolic calculations. Most of the people who used to work on the FORTRAN or C, they all switched to MATLAB due to its popularity and its powerful toolboxes. Nowadays in most of the engineering, MATLAB is being introduced for the ease of the students.

It was originally developed to provide easy access to the matrix software which was developed by the LINPACK (linear system package) and EISPACK (Eigen system package). MATLAB application is built around the MATLAB scripting language. Its common use includes the command window as an interactive mathematical shell or executing text files which contain the code of MATLAB software.

MATLAB supports the application which is being developed with the help of the GUI (graphical user interface) features. It also includes the GUIDE (GUI development environment). It is also less with the integrated graph plotting features. We say that we can plot any graph for our use by the help of x and y axis or by the help of the two vectors x and y.

This is an introduction with the MATLAB and its application in various fields as well as its historical background that how it was developed and came into existence including its use in research and engineering field.

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