Overview of MATLAB Software

MATLAB overview: Here, we are going to learn what is MATLAB, what can we do with MATLAB, who to use MATLAB and what are the various topics in MATLAB?
Submitted by Alok Kumar, on September 09, 2019

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a software which is particularly designed for engineers and scientists. It is a software which expresses matrix and array mathematics directly. As the full form of MATLAB is matrix laboratory which is a multi-paradigm language which supports the GUI and as well as can work with other software also directly.

The recent or stable release of MATLAB version is R2019a which was released on 20 March 19. It can work with an operating system like Windows, macOS, and Linux also.

What can you do with MATLAB?

We can perform various tasks by the help of MATLAB like,

  1. We can analyze the data.
  2. It will help us to create the graph workflow and its domain.
  3. Helps a person to develop a different kind of algorithm.
  4. We can create our models and different types of applications.
  5. It also helps us to develop our stimulation with the help of the integrated graphics and GUI(graphical user interface).
  6. It helps a person to solve the various complex equations and can be used to check the validity of the equation by the various means.

The provided language and apps, as well as the math function, enables a person to quickly and easily explore the multiple approaches to arrive at a solution. MATLAB helps a person to take your idea from the research to production by the help of the enterprise application and embedded devices, as well as by running the simulation also and the various designs which are based on the various model.

Who to use the MATLAB?

Currently more than 3.2 million people are using MATLAB in order to pursue their research or solving the complex problem or either verifying their solution by running the simulation of the design or model developed by a person, basically it is being used by engineers, researchers, scientists and, as well as it is also being used in the colleges to help the students in their various work field like in the field of economics to calculate the growth rate of a particular place or the deprecation of machine instrument with time as well as it also helps them to calculate the S.I and C.I also. You can use the MATLAB for a range of applications, which includes machine learning, processing in the form of binary code of 1 and 0.

It is also currently being used in deep learning, communication, image, and video processing, in the field of finance for the computation of finance and biology. At last, it is also used in the control systems to control the various panels and other instruments.

What are various topics in MATLAB?

Topics are mainly the subpart of the whole software through which a person can understand the whole working of the software It includes topics like,

  1. Starting with MATLAB.
  2. Creating of arrays.
  3. Mathematical operations with arrays.
  4. Script files.
  5. Two-dimensional plots.
  6. Function and function files.
  7. Programming in MATLAB.
  8. Polynomials, curve fitting, and interpolation.
  9. Three- dimensional plots.
  10. Application in numerical analysis.

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