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ALEXA Ranking Status: Thank you friends from my deep of heart

Posted on 04 MAY 2017 [07:50 PM] Under Personal Category

Hello friends, good evening!

Today I am going to share current ALEXA ranking status of your website (yes, it’s your website; consider me as a writer and your friend here).

As I wrote, this is your website and you should aware with the current website ranking status. So I am sharing the ALEXA Ranking status as on today (May 04, 2017).

Here are the details

Rank in India: 9,888
Global Rank: 1, 17,641
Bounce Rate: 57.80%
Daily page views per visitor: 2.70
Daily time on site: 4:16

Ranking is not so good but it has improved since last 2 months, I am really very thankful for your support and trust.

Thanks again!!! Please keep visiting, sharing and supporting me.

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