Python datetime isocalendar() Method with Example

Python datetime.isocalendar() Method: Here, we are going to learn about the isocalendar() method of datetime class in Python with its definition, syntax, and examples.
Submitted by Hritika Rajput, on May 02, 2020

Python datetime.isocalendar() Method

datetime.isocalendar() method is used to manipulate objects of datetime class of module datetime.

It uses a datetime class object and returns a 3-tuple (ISO year, ISO week number, ISO weekday).

Most of the date and time calendar follow the Gregorian calendar. The ISO calendar is a widely used variant of the Gregorian one. The ISO year consists of 52 or 53 full weeks, and where a week starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. The first week of an ISO year is the first (Gregorian) calendar week of a year containing a Thursday. This is called week number 1, and the ISO year of that Thursday is the same as its Gregorian year.
For example, 2004 begins on a Thursday, so the first week of ISO year 2004 begins on Monday, 29 Dec 2003 and ends on Sunday, 4 Jan 2004:

Weekday number for Monday is 1 while incrementing by 1 for the coming days.


    import datetime


    from datetime import datetime




  • None

Return value:

The return type of this method is a tuple which tells us what is the ISO year, ISO week and the ISO weekday of that date.


## importing datetime class
from datetime import datetime

## Creating an instance
x =
d = x.isocalendar()
print("Original date:",x)
print("Today's date in isocalendar is:", d)

x = datetime(2004, 10, 30, 12, 12, 12)
d = x.isocalendar()
## this returns a date object, extracted from 
## the datetime object
dd =
print("Date", str(dd) ,"in isocalendar is:", d)

x = datetime(2020, 10, 27, 10, 3, 33)
d = x.isocalendar()
dd =
print("Original date was:",str(dd))
print("ISO year:",d[0],"ISO week:",d[1],"ISO weekday:",d[2])


Original date: 2020-05-01 22:40:19.039474
Today's date in isocalendar is: (2020, 18, 5)

Date 2004-10-30 in isocalendar is: (2004, 44, 6)

Original date was: 2020-10-27
ISO year: 2020 ISO week: 44 ISO weekday: 2

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