Python file handling programs

File handling is an importing part of any programming language, which is used for file operations. Python language has many inbuilt functions for creating, writing, appending, reading, deleting, etc.

This section contains the solved Python file handling programs. Practice these file handling programs to learn the concept of file handling (to create, write, read, update, etc.), these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the programs.

List of Python file handling programs

  1. Python program to write data to file
  2. Python program to create a new file in another directory
  3. Append content to a file in Python
  4. Read contents of the file using readline() method in Python
  5. Read contents of a file using readline() method and manipulating it in Python
  6. Read contents of the file using readlines() method in Python
  7. Check if the record is present in the file using its id in Python
  8. Copy contents from one file to another file in Python
  9. Copy odd lines of one file to another file in Python
  10. Count the total number of uppercase characters in a file in Python
  11. Python program to count total number of uppercase and lowercase characters in file
  12. Setting file offsets in Python
  13. Read a program from another file in Python
  14. Python program to delay printing of lines from a file using sleep function
  15. Python program to count the number of lines in a file
  16. Python program to read first N character from each line
  17. Python program to read data from file and extract record data from it
  18. Python program to check a file's status in file Handling
  19. Python program to read character till a count
  20. Python program to delete a file
  21. Choice-based read-write program in Python - Basic File Manager Project

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