Get First Row of a Pandas DataFrame

Get First Row of DataFrame: In this tutorial, we will learn how can we get the first row value of a given Pandas DataFrame using Python program? By Pranit Sharma Last updated : April 19, 2023

Get the First Row of Pandas using iloc[]

To get first row of a given Pandas DataFrame, you can simply use the DataFrame.iloc[] property by specifying the row index as 0. Selecting the first row means selecting the index 0. So, we need to pass 0 as an index inside the iloc[] property.


The following code snippet shows to get the first row of a Pandas DataFrame:

first_row = df.iloc[0]

Let us understand with the help of an example.

Python Program to Get First Row of a Pandas DataFrame

# Importing pandas package
import pandas as pd

# Creating a Dictionary
dict = {

# Creating a DataFrame
df = pd.DataFrame(dict)

# Display original DataFrame
print("Original DataFrame:\n",df,"\n")

# Selecting First row
first_row = df.iloc[0]

# Display first row
print("First row is:",first_row)


The output of the above program is:

Output | Get first row value of a given column

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