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Python | Input two integers and find their addition

Here, we are implementing two number addition program in Python, we will read two integer values from the user and print their addition/sum.
Submitted by Pankaj Singh, on September 28, 2018

Input two integer numbers from the user and find their sum/addition in Python.


    Enter A: 100
    Enter B: 200

    Sum: 300


# input two numbers: value of a and b
a = int(input("Enter A: "))
b = int(input("Enter B: "))

# find sum of a and b and assign to c
c = a+b

# print sum (c)
print("Sum: ",c)


Enter A: 100
Enter B: 200
Sum:  300


Here, we are reading two values and assigning them in variable a and b - to input the value, we are using input() function, by passing the message to display to the user. Method input() returns a string value, and we are converting the input string value to the integer by using int() method.

After that, we are calculating the sum of a and b and assigning it to the variable c. And then, printing the value of c which is the sum of two input integers.

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