Python Lambda Function Programs

In the Python programming language, a Lambda function is an anonymous function (or a function having no name). It is a small and restricted function just like a normal function having a single statement. A lambda function can also have multiple arguments with one expression.

This section contains solved Python programs on Lambda function, practice these Lambda function programs to enhance the Python programming skills working on data values. These programs contain the solved code, explanation, and output.

List of Python Lambda Function Programs

  1. Python program to filter even values from list using lambda function
  2. Python program to find the sum of elements of a list using lambda function
  3. Map() Function and Lambda Expression in Python to Replace Characters
  4. Intersection of two arrays using Lambda expression and filter() function in Python
  5. Find small number between two numbers using Lambda function in Python
  6. Find the number occurring odd number of times using lambda expression and reduce() function in Python
  7. Check if value is in a List using Lambda Function in Python
  8. Sort list of dictionaries by values using lambda and sorted() function in Python
  9. Python - Convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit using Lambda Function

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