Python program for not None test

Python example for None keyword: Here, we are going to learn how to check whether a variable contains a value or not?
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on April 07, 2019

As we have discussed in the previous post (Python None keyword), that "None" is a keyword which can be used to assign a null value to a variable or to check whether a variable contains any value or not.


Here, we have 3 variables a, b and c, a is being assigned with "Hello", b is being assigned with "None" and c is being assigned with 10.

We are testing whether variables have a value or None, if they have values, we are printing their values.

# python code for not None test

# variable 1 with value
a = "Hello"

# variable 2 with None
b = None

# variable 3 with value 
c = 10

# performing is not None test 
if a is not None:
    print("value of a: ", a)
    print("\'a\' contains None")

if b is not None:
    print("value of b: ", b)    
    print("\'b\' contains None")

if c is not None:
    print("value of c: ", c)
    print("\'c\' contains None")


value of a:  Hello
'b' contains None
value of c:  10

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