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Python Tuple Exercises

Python Tuples Examples: Here, we have a set of examples/exercises on Tuple in Python programming language.
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on March 31, 2020

Here, we are covering following Python tuple exercises,

  1. Creating & printing a tuple
  2. Unpacking the tuple into strings
  3. Create a tuple containing the letters of a string
  4. Creating a tuple containing all but the first letter of a string
  5. Reversing a tuple

Consider the following program, it contains all above-mentioned exercises.

  1) Creating & printing a tuple 
cities = ("New Delhi", "Mumbai", "Indore")
print("cities: ", cities)
print("cities[0]: ", cities[0])
print("cities[1]: ", cities[1])
print("cities[2]: ", cities[2])
print() # prints a newline

  2) Unpacking the tuple into strings
str1, str2, str3 = cities
print("str1: ", str1)
print("str2: ", str2)
print("str3: ", str3)
print() # prints a newline

  3) Create a tuple containing the letters 
  of a string
tpl = tuple("Hello")
print("tpl: ", tpl)
print() # prints a newline

  4) Creating a tuple containing all but the 
  first letter of a string
# by direct string
tpl1 = tuple("Hello"[1:])
print("tpl1: ", tpl1)

# by string variables
string = "Hello"
tpl2 = tuple(string[1:])
print("tpl2: ", tpl2)
print() # prints a newline

  5) Reversing a tuple
name = ("Shivang", "Radib", "Preeti")
# using slicing technique
rev_name = name[::-1]
print("name: ", name)
print("rev_name: ", rev_name)


cities:  ('New Delhi', 'Mumbai', 'Indore')
cities[0]:  New Delhi
cities[1]:  Mumbai
cities[2]:  Indore

str1:  New Delhi
str2:  Mumbai
str3:  Indore

tpl:  ('H', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o')

tpl1:  ('e', 'l', 'l', 'o')
tpl2:  ('e', 'l', 'l', 'o')

name:  ('Shivang', 'Radib', 'Preeti')
rev_name:  ('Preeti', 'Radib', 'Shivang')

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