Rock Paper Scissors Game in Python

Here, we are implementing a Python program to implement rock paper scissors game.
Submitted by Abhinav Gangrade, on July 12, 2020

Module used:
In this script, we will use python's inbuilt module named random.

random module:
random is a Python inbuilt module which will help us to select any random element from a list or an array of elements. In this, we will use this module for selecting randomly the choice on behalf of the computer.

The rules of the games as:

Rock will be at 1.
Paper will be at 2.
Scissor will be at 3.

Rock vs Scissor => Rock wins.
Rock vs Paper => Paper wins.
Paper vs Scissor=> Scissor wins.


# importing the module
import random

Name=input("Enter your name: ")
print("The Rules of the game are as follow:\n"
      "1) Rock at 1.\n2) Paper at 2."
      "\n3) Scissor at 3."
      "\nRock vs Paper=> Paper wins"
      "\nRock vs Scissor=>Rock wins"
      "\nPaper vs Scissor=> Scissor wins")

# entering into the loop if the 
# user wants to play it again and again
while True:
    print("Enter the choice:\n"
          "1) Rock\n"
          "2) Paper\n"
          "3) Scissor")
    # the user turn
    choice=int(input("User turn:"))
    # if we put an invalid choice then we will
    # again take the input untill we put the right
    # one
    while choice<1 or choice>3:
        choice=int(input("Invalid Choice Enter Again"))
    if choice==1:
    if choice==2:
    if choice==3:
    print("User choice is "+user_choice)
    # users turn
    print("Computers turn")
    # using random for computers choice
    # using randint function to select random
    # from 1 to 3
    # if the user choice is same as computer choice then
    # again we will take the choice untill.
    while choice==computer_choice:
    if computer_choice==1:
    if computer_choice==2:
    if computer_choice==3:
    print("Computer choice is "+comp_choice)
    # the condition to win
    # the rock winning condition
    if (choice==1 and computer_choice==3) or (choice==3 and computer_choice==1):
        print("Rock Wins")
    elif (choice==1 and computer_choice==2) or (choice==2 and computer_choice==1):
        print("Paper Wins")
        print("Scissor Wins")
    if result==user_choice:
        print(f"{Name} wins")
        print("Computer wins")
    c=input("If you want to Continue(Y/N)")
    if c=="n" or c=="N":


Enter your name: Abhinav
The Rules of the game are as follow:
1) Rock at 1.
2) Paper at 2.
3) Scissor at 3.
Rock vs Paper=> Paper wins
Rock vs Scissor=>Rock wins
Paper vs Scissor=> Scissor wins
Enter the choice:
1) Rock
2) Paper
3) Scissor
User turn:2
User choice is Paper
Computers turn
Computer choice is Scissor
Scissor Wins
Computer wins
If you want to Continue(Y/N)y
Enter the choice:
1) Rock
2) Paper
3) Scissor
User turn:1
User choice is Rock
Computers turn
Computer choice is Scissor
Rock Wins
Abhinav wins
If you want to Continue(Y/N)n

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