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Python Set intersection() Method with Example

Python Set intersection() Method: Here, we are going to learn how to get the list of all elements which are common in all sets in Python?
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on November 29, 2019

Set intersection() Method

intersection() method is used to get the list of all elements which are commons/exist in given sets.


    set1.intersection(set1, set2, set3, ...)


  • set1 – It represents the set to be compared with this set.
  • set2, set3, ... – These are optional sets, we can provide multiple sets to be compared.

Return value:

The return type of this method is <class 'set'>, it returns the set of the elements which are exist in all sets.

Example 1:

# Python Set intersection() Method with Example

# declaring the sets
cars_1 = {"Porsche", "Audi", "Lexus"}
cars_2 = {"Porsche", "Mazda", "Lincoln"}

# intersection() method call
x = cars_1.intersection(cars_2)

# printing the sets
print("cars_1:", cars_1)
print("cars_2:", cars_2)
print("x:", x)


cars_1: {'Porsche', 'Audi', 'Lexus'}
cars_2: {'Porsche', 'Lincoln', 'Mazda'}
x: {'Porsche'}

Example 2:

# Python Set intersection() Method with Example

# declaring the sets
x = {"ABC", "PQR", "XYZ"}
y = {"ABC", "PQR", "XYZ"}
z = {"DEF", "MNO", "ABC"}

# printing the results
print("x:", x)
print("y:", y)
print("z:", z)

# printing the common elements
print("x.intersection(y,z): ", x.intersection(y,z))
print("y.intersection(x,z): ", y.intersection(x,z))
print("x.intersection(z,y): ", x.intersection(z,y))
print("y.intersection(z,x): ", y.intersection(z,x))
print("z.intersection(x,y): ", z.intersection(x,y))


x: {'PQR', 'ABC', 'XYZ'}
y: {'PQR', 'ABC', 'XYZ'}
z: {'DEF', 'ABC', 'MNO'}
x.intersection(y,z):  {'ABC'}
y.intersection(x,z):  {'ABC'}
x.intersection(z,y):  {'ABC'}
y.intersection(z,x):  {'ABC'}
z.intersection(x,y):  {'ABC'}

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