What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

Points to remember

  • Assume that you're sitting in front of the HR manager.
  • HR manager asked, What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Consider the situation is real, and write your real answer. Submit your answer now.

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The strengths and weakness part of an interview is a low impact and tricky section. It is more of something like what more do you know about yourself and how you portray your weakness so that they do not look bad and your strengths without bragging about stuff.

Strengths: You need to show your strengths without bragging too much. You should subtly include points that are more relevant to the work profile.
Weaknesses: Try to portray your weakness as if you can provide some benefit from it or it opens a scope for you to improve. Try using fewer negative words.


My strengths are!

  • I am a team worker willing to help and ask for help to accomplish things.
  • I am a focused person.
  • I am honest and loyal


  • I am a bit lazy which makes me find smarter ways to perform my task.
  • I often like to work alone which improves my efficiency.

Note: Using sentences over words in this section always helps.

Answer by Shivang, on July 27, 2022

My strengths and weaknesses are:


  • I am loyal and confident
  • Rough, bold, and strong
  • I am rigid as well as flexible in my actions and plans like a constitution of our nation, I follow certain rules with rigidity but can give a change or flexibility to them according to time and situation, and demands.
  • I carry good body language as well as speaking skills.
  • I can manage situations calmly.


  • I am so emotional and kind.
  • I trust and believe people easily.
Answer by Muskan Bhadana, on July 27, 2022

My Strength:

I'm focused person. Quick learner.


When I indulge in my work i forget to see the time...

Answer by Musheer Abbas, on November 05, 2022

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