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Sir hopefully 5 ladders ahead from where I am. Because I'm someone who loves learning about new tech and trends, in the next five years, I see myself as having established strong knowledge of what's new and emerging in this field. As sir, I am a bit more attracted to be more unique than being perfect. That's why I hope for at least 5 ladders ahead from now in the next 5 years.

Answer by Shubh Pachori, on July 25, 2022

I see myself not in any position truly speaking but more advanced and better than today. It's your destiny that leads you to stand anywhere. But it is always you in yourself which can make yourself stand anywhere.
So I found myself more and better in everything I learn today. Rest I leave it to my hard work and destiny.

Answer by Muskan Bhadana, on July 25, 2022

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