Ruby Constructors/Destructors, Inheritance Programs

Inheritance is a feature of Object-Oriented languages in which new classes are derived from existing classes resulting in the formation of a hierarchy of classes. The derived class is often called a child class and the existing class is termed a parent class. Inheritance provides code reusability which increases the human efficiency to write codes on the platform.

This section contains Ruby Constructors/Destructors, Inheritance, practice these Ruby programs to learn the concept of Ruby inheritance, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Ruby Constructors/Destructors, Inheritance.

List of Ruby Constructors/Destructors, Inheritance Programs

  1. Ruby program to implement single inheritance
  2. Ruby program to override the superclass method into sub-class
  3. Ruby program to call the overridden superclass method from the subclass
  4. Ruby program to call a superclass constructor from sub-class using the super() method
  5. Ruby program to initialize instance variables using the constructor
  6. Ruby program to implement the getter method
  7. Ruby program to implement getter and setter methods
  8. Ruby program to implement getter method using 'attr_reader' accessor
  9. Ruby program to implement setter method using 'attr_writer' accessor
  10. Ruby program to implement getter/setter method using 'attr_accessor' accessor
  11. Ruby program to implement multiple getter/setter methods using accessors

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