Rust Generics Programs

In the Rust programming language, Generics is the topic of generalizing types and functionalities to broader cases. This is extremely useful for reducing code duplication in many ways but can call for rather involving syntax. Namely, being generic requires taking great care to specify over which types a generic type is actually considered valid. The simplest and most common use of generics is for type parameters. (Reference: Generics)

Practice these Rust generics programs to learn the concept of generics in Rust language, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Rust generics programs.

List of Rust Generics Programs

  1. Rust program to create a generic function
  2. Rust program to find the square of a given number using a generic function
  3. Rust program to calculate the addition of two numbers using generic function
  4. Rust program to calculate the subtract a number from another number using generic function
  5. Rust program to create a generic structure
  6. Rust program to declare and implement a trait

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