Rust HashMap Programs

In the Rust programming language, a HashMap stores the values by key. HashMap keys can be booleans, integers, strings, or any other type that implements the Eq and Hash traits.

Practice these Rust HashMap programs to learn the concept of HashMap in Rust language, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Rust HashMap Programs.

List of Rust HashMap Programs

  1. Rust program to initialize a simple HashMap
  2. Rust program to insert items into a HashMap
  3. Rust program to print only keys of a HashMap
  4. Rust program to print only values of a HashMap
  5. Rust program to print Keys/values of a HashMap using iter() method
  6. Rust program to modify the values of HashMap using the values_mut() method
  7. Rust program to modify the values of HashMap using the iter_mut() method
  8. Rust program to find the length of HashMap
  9. Rust program to check the given HashMap is empty or not
  10. Rust program to get value using Specified key in HashMap
  11. Rust program to remove an item from HashMap using remove () method
  12. Rust program to check a HashMap contains a specified key or not
  13. Rust program to print the capacity of HashMap

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