Rust HashSet Programs

In the Rust programming language, a HashSet is a HashMap where we just care about the keys (HashSet<T> is, in actuality, just a wrapper around HashMap<T, ()>). A HashSet's doesn't have the duplicate elements.

Practice these Rust HashSet programs to learn the concept of HashSet in Rust language, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Rust HashSet Programs.

List of Rust HashSet Programs

  1. Rust program to create a simple HashSet
  2. Rust program to create HashSet from the vector
  3. Rust program to iterate HashSet items using the 'for' loop
  4. Rust program to find the length of HashSet
  5. Rust program to remove an item from HashSet
  6. Rust program to check an item contains in HashSet or not
  7. Rust program to iterate HashSet items using the iter() method
  8. Rust program to delete all items from HashSet
  9. Rust program to find the difference between two HashSets
  10. Rust program to find the Symmetric difference between two HashSets
  11. Rust program to find the intersection of two HashSets
  12. Rust program to find the Union of two HashSets
  13. Rust program to compare HashSets using equal to (==) operator
  14. Rust program to get the capacity of HashSet
  15. Rust program to create a HashSet with specified capacity
  16. Rust program to demonstrate the take() method of HashSet


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