Rust Structures Programs

In the Rust programming language, there are three types of structures ("structs") that can be created using the struct keyword:

  • Tuple structs, which are, basically, named tuples.
  • The classic C structs
  • Unit structs, which are field-less, are useful for generics.

Practice these Rust structures programs to learn the concept of structures in Rust language, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Rust structures programs.

List of Rust Structures Programs

  1. Rust program to create a simple structure
  2. Rust program to create a structure with default values
  3. Rust program to create a structure and assign the values to the members
  4. Rust program to pass a structure into function
  5. Rust program to return a structure from the function
  6. Rust program to define a method in a struct
  7. Rust program to create a Static method in the structure

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