Rust Threads Programs

In the Rust programming language, there is a mechanism for spawning native OS threads via the spawn function, the argument of this function is a moving closure.

Practice these Rust threads programs to learn the concept of threading in Rust language, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Rust threads programs.

List of Rust File I/O Programs

  1. Rust program to create a simple thread
  2. Rust program to create a thread pool
  3. Rust program to pause a thread for two seconds
  4. Rust program to demonstrate the join() function in threads
  5. Rust program to access the main thread variable inside the worker thread
  6. Rust program to send a message between threads
  7. Rust program to pass a channel to the function
  8. Rust program to send multiple messages between threads
  9. Rust program to demonstrate the Sender::clone() function
  10. Rust program to set the name of a thread

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