Rust Tuples Programs

In the Rust programming language, A tuple is a collection of values of different types. Tuples are constructed using parentheses (), and each tuple itself is a value with type signature (T1, T2, ...), where T1, T2 are the types of its members. Functions can use tuples to return multiple values, as tuples can hold any number of values.

Practice these Rust tuples programs to learn the concept of tuples in Rust language, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Rust tuples programs.

List of Rust Tuples Programs

  1. Rust program to create a tuple
  2. Rust program to access members of tuple one by one
  3. Rust program to pass a tuple as a parameter
  4. Rust program to implement destructive assignment with tuple

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