Scala Inheritance Programs

In Scala programming language, inheritance is an important concept of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). It is the technique to inherit the features (fields and methods) of one class to another class. The extends keyword is used for inheritance.

This section contains the solved Scala inheritance programs, practice these Scala programs to learn the concept of inheritance, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Scala inheritance programs.

List of Scala Inheritance Programs

  1. Scala program to implement simple inheritance
  2. Scala program to implement multilevel inheritance
  3. Scala program to implement hierarchical inheritance
  4. Scala program to implement hybrid inheritance
  5. Scala program to demonstrate the protected access specifier
  6. Scala program to implement method overriding
  7. Scala program to override the field of a class

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