Scala program to print yesterday's date

Here, we are going to learn how to print yesterday's date in Scala programming language?
Submitted by Nidhi, on May 31, 2021

Problem Solution:

Here, we will create an object of Date class and print today's and yesterday's date on the console screen.

Program/Source Code:

The source code to print yesterday's date is given below. The given program is compiled and executed on the ubuntu 18.04 operating system successfully.

// Scala program to print yesterday's date

import java.util.Date;

object Sample {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    var MILLIS_IN_A_DAY = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;
    var date = new Date();
    var previousDate = new Date(date.getTime() - MILLIS_IN_A_DAY);

    println("Today's date: \n" + date);
    println("Yesterday's date: \n" + previousDate);


Today's date: 
Mon May 31 02:08:37 GMT 2021
Yesterday's date: 
Sun May 30 02:08:37 GMT 2021


Here, we used an object-oriented approach to create the program. And, we imported the Date class using the below statement,

import java.util.Date;

Then we created a singleton object Sample and defined the main() function. The main() function is the entry point for the program.

In the main() function, we created a variable MILLIS_IN_A_DAY, which contains milliseconds in a day. Then we created an object date of the Date class.

After that, we subtracted milliseconds from the date object and created a new object that contains the date of the previous day using the below statement.

var nextDate = new Date(date.getTime()-MILLIS_IN_A_DAY);

At last, we printed both objects on the console screen.

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