Scala Threading Programs

In Scala programming language, a thread is lightweight sub-processes which occupy less memory. A program having two or more threads is known as the multi-threaded program. These threads having different tasks can run concurrently at the same time. Multithreading is used to develop concurrent applications in Scala.

In Scala programming language, threads can be created by using two mechanisms,

  • Extending the Thread class
  • Extending the Runnable Interface

This section contains solved Scala threading programs, practice these Scala programs to learn the concept of threading in Scala, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Scala threading programs.

List of Scala Threading Programs

  1. Scala program to print the state of the thread
  2. Scala program to check a thread is alive or not
  3. Scala program to set and get the priority of the thread
  4. Scala program to implement multi-tasking using thread
  5. Scala program to create a thread by extending Thread class
  6. Scala program to create a thread by implementing Runnable interface
  7. Scala program to create multiple threads
  8. Scala program to sleep a thread
  9. Scala program to demonstrate the join() method of Thread class
  10. Scala program to set and get the name of the thread

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