Search Engine Optimization Interview Questions and Answers (Page 2)

List of Frequently asked SEO Interview Questions

11) What is Custom 404 page?

When broken link found in the website (i.e. any page not found) then Server returns error 404 that means page not found. To avoid such kind of broken link error, we direct website on a page that page known as Custom 404 page.

12) How should be the page title?

Page title is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization and It should be Unique, Accurate and not more 70 characters.

13) What is Meta Description and how it should be?

Meta Description tag provides the summary about page to the Search Engine, it is the second important thing after the page title. The content for Meta Description tag must be unique and not matched to other page's Meta Description tag. It must be related to the content available on web page. Do not fill description with the keywords.

14) Where we should put keywords in the web page?

  • Keywords should be in Title tag.
  • Keywords should be in Meta Description tag.
  • Keywords should be in H1, H2 and H3 (if possible) tag.
  • Keywords should be in first paragraph of the web page.
  • Other paragraphs also contains the keywords.
  • Keywords should be in Image Alt property.
  • An image name should be contain keywords.
  • Keywords should be in page URL.

15) What is Google SandBox?

Google SandBox put the websites on probationary period until they prove that they can be trusted. Google SandBox is introduced to stop making invalid ranking of new websites through buying old domains, making sub domains with ranked domains etc.

16) What is WWW and NON WWW?

Search engines may view sample-site.com and www.sample-site.com as two different Website URLs. If link popularity get split among both versions www and non www, links will have less authority on each version than if the two were combined.

To restrict both versions (www and non www) getting indexed in Search Engine database, you will have to do 301 redirection to redirect one version to other version.

17) How should be the paragraph content?

  • Content should be easy to read.
  • Content should be related to the topic – it should not be large amount of text without paragraphs and subheadings.
  • Content should be fresh, unique should not be copied from any resources.
  • Content should be targeted to the user not to the Search Engines.

18) How will you optimize Anchor Tag?

  • Both User and Search Engine like Anchored Text, so it should be meaningful and descriptive.
  • Anchor text should be related to the linked page.
  • Writing length text (paragraph like) should be avoided as Anchor Text.
  • Make more internal links of the web pages with meaningful, descriptive text and related target page.

19) How will you optimize Image Tag?

  • Image name should be containing keywords.
  • Image alt property should be containing long tail keywords.
  • Image not should not be lengthy.

20) How many Heading - H1 tag should be in the Web Page?

There should be only one H1 tag with Unique, Fresh and relevant to the topic.

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