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Hottest technologies in Computer Science nowadays

In this article, we are going to know about some latest technology trends or hottest/latest technologies in Computer Science.
By: Aleesha Ali, on 13 FEB 2018

As we can see this cosmos is growing very rapidly, no one wants to wait here everyone wants to achieve the speed of light, so does the technology is evolving in a way to make everything faster and easier as well.

Let’s have a look on some of the latest technologies trending in computer science today:

  1. Cloud Computing (CC)
  2. Internet of Things (IOT)
  3. Machine learning (ML)
  4. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Reference: https://channels.theinnovationenterprise.com/articles/2017-innovation-survey

1) Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology which provisions a user or enterprise with an environment to use services according to the specifications or their requirements on the basis of pay per use. It also provisions a user to scale up or scale down the services as per the market demand because cloud computing is also an on demand service.

And yes inside cloud everything is beautiful because of its wonderful features that works like magic virtually.

Examples: Virtualization, Storage services like drop box, iCloud, AWS etc.

2) Internet of things

Well currently the hottest topic in computer science and a combination of cloud technology, sensors (like temperature etc.) and an interface (any industrial programming language) for interaction between hardware and application layer. This technology works actually like magic developers just need a microcontroller like raspberry pi or any other to develop IoT based software or applications and yes internet is mandatory to access those resources.

Example: Smart homes, Smart refrigerators, Auto temperature modifiers etc.

3) Machine learning

ML is a technology according to which making everything autonomous means we don’t have to program or code anything machine can generate its own logic to solve any problem with the help of some algorithms (like RNN etc.), Ml is most of the time based on probabilities to look all the possible way to anything.ML is quite inspired with mathematics functions like permutation and combination, Regression, etc.ML is quite popular in the field of making thing more like humanoids.

Examples: autonomous cleaning bots, stuff organizing bots etc.

4) Artificial Intelligence

Finally, a technology that is above all it’s a combination of cloud computing, internet of things, machine learning etc. Also a combination of quantum computing and neural networks etc. It provisions to do or perform any task by bots that can be done by humans like translation, speech, and anything done by human nowadays can be done by robots with the help of AI and above all these task can be done even faster then human speed.

Examples: Humanoid Robots (like Sophia-An AI based Humanoid the project of Hanson Robotics that even got citizenship by Saudi Arabia), Self Driving Cars etc.

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