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Aleesha Ali


I am a Computer science student pursuing bachelors of technology from Graphic Era University, Dehradun.

I love exploring technology and implementing it on real life entities. My bailiwick is cloud computing and my favorite languages are C++ and Python.

Her submissions


  1. JavaScript code to check number is Perfect or not.
  2. JavaScript code to check number is Armstrong or not.
  3. JavaScript code to check whether a Number is Prime or Not.
  4. JavaScript code to find largest of three numbers.
  5. Check number is palindrome or not in JavaScript.


  1. Hottest technologies in Computer Science nowadays.

Cloud Computing

  1. Glimpse of Private Cloud in Cloud Computing.
  2. What is Public Cloud in Cloud Computing?
  3. Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  4. Glimpse of Virtualization in Cloud computing.
  5. Web 2.0 in Cloud Computing.
  6. Services of Cloud Computing.
  7. Advantages of Cloud Computing.
  8. Introduction to Cloud Computing.

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