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Most Frequently Asked HR Interview Questions

HR (Human Resource) Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher’s and experienced - This page contains 25 most frequently asked HR interview questions and Answers.
By: Vanka Manikanth, on 12 JAN 2017

Here I’m writing 25 Most Frequently Asked HR Interview Questions and Answers, the below mentioned Interview Questions are 70% assured to be asked in Interview and the rest is dependent on your profile.

So do prepare well and All the best!

1. What do you know about our company?

Do search on Google before you attend interview and explain on what products are they working on. Just 30 sec of explanation is enough initially.

They may ask you on the same point prolonging .So be sure you have gone through website of that company.

2. Would you lie for our company?

This is a tricky question - you can say "it actually depends on the situation if at all my answer would benefit for company rather a self benefit to anyone".

If my superior wants me to do so I would first know what the actual problem is and will move on in accordance to it.

3. Are you okay for relocation?

This depends on your personal issues.

If at all you are okay you can move on else do give a valid answer why you don’t want to relocate.

4. How much salary are you expecting?

This is a quiet tricky one.

If you are fresher you can say:
"As I’m a fresher I’m okay with norms of the company basic salary for a fresher".

If you are experienced one:
"At my last company I used to get some X, and now it would be much better if I get some X+ by considering all my expenses".

5. Which is more important in your view, Time or Money?

Time and money are directly proportional to each other.In reality time and money are scarce. If we utilize the time wise money would come in accordance. So they cannot be divided each other.

6. Why do you left your last job? (For Experienced)

It is up to you but be sure you have a valid reason.

For example: I wanted a change in terms of salary environment because over there we only work on some technologies so there is very less scope for learning new things. As I already told that I always like to learn new technologies.

7. Can you tell me a conflict that you dealt?

Yes, at the planning stage of my academic level project I had a conflict with my team memberswhere they wanted to implement our E-commerce project in .NET technology and I thought to implement in Java technology.

Almost I took 10mins to convince them by saying: we are not much familiar with ASP.NET as it is not present in our academic syllabus and learning the new technology would take time for us now, we have very less time to complete and of course we all are good enough in Java technology so that this would be a bit easy for the development.

Only thing we have to brush-up with the advanced topics hope we would complete within time.

8. What is the difference between Smart and Hard work?

Hard work is which you are not interested to do and finding yourself stress fallen frequently.

Smart Work is which you are actually wanted and waiting to complete it and curious about the result. You may not feel over stress until you don’t love your work.

9. You have mentioned surfing Internet as one of your Interest?

Yes, I would like to surf the net and see the websites which are newly built with some latest technologies and knowing about the latest technologies would definitely be a plus at some point of time.

10. Remember our Names?

Manikanth, Mike, Andrew, Mithal

If it is a panel interview they may ask you to remember our names and will ask you to tell our names

11. What is the difference between childhood and adulthood? (Question asked in TCS, HR round)

The only difference is "Happiness".

At child times you will not have any responsibilities the only thing we do is be happy all the time whatever the situation might.

At adulthood, we are aware of what society is, what our duty is and what are our responsibilities etc.

Some may not know the value of human, money, relations. But at some point of time we all know the value of Childhood.

12. Who is your inspiration?

My father was an inspiration to me; he was a manager in an organization. He used to tell the consequences which he had dealt wise and made them solve. That is where I liked to solve the problems both technically and management wise.

13. How many years can I expect you in this company?

(It totally depends on your job chosen) Minimum three years.

14. Are you a morning person or night owl?

It’s a very tricky question; they want to see if you are comfortable with night shifts or not, say which you are actually.

15. Are you okay with night shifts?

Say yes if you are okay. If not mention the valid reason.

16. What is your greatest Strength?

You must be very confident & have clarity on what you say or what you have mentioned in your CV.

My greatest Strength is adaptability nature and self learning. I make myself to fit to the conditions of the situation. And without going for any training institute I have learnt all the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JS etc

17. What’s your greatest Weakness?

Do think before you answer this question.Your answer shouldn’t damage your abilities. Some say I’m an introvert; there you are disqualified because no company wants a person who cannot mingle with others.

If you want to say your weaknesses make sure that you are ready with the remedy to overcome the weakness.

18. Why should we hire you?

Because as I said that I’m a self learner I can learn on my own without any trainer needed.I have the latest technologies through internet. And I was lead at my academic level project consists of 5 members.

19. What is the value of ½? (Amazon, 2016, Visakhapatnam)

This is quite tricky question everyone will look doubt at HR & answer as 0.5. You will not be qualified if you think this question as stupid.

You have to say with a reason that, as a mathematics student I would the result is point 5.

They just concentrate on how you made the reason that’s it.

20. You have mentioned reading books as one of your hobby? What books did you read and which one do you like the most and Why?

(Please do not mention reading books as your hobby if it is actually not)

If it is then do reply with a book which you have read and quote the finest point.

21. How do you handle the Stress? (Mostly for Experienced)

I rarely fell stress because I manage my works in time if at all for some reason I feel stress I would just sit in a peaceful place for an hour and think about the causes that made me to feel stress, will try to not repeat the same henceforth.

22. If your junior is being late everyday what do you say to him?

I would first know the reason that why he is being late everyday if he/she provide a valid reason I would say a suggestion in order to make the problem solve and come early. My reaction depends up on his/her reason. But I would offend for no reason.

23. If you are a team leader how would you look after your juniors?

Well, as even I too had came from that position I know what the juniors think, so I definitely treat them well. So that they would be free to explore their selves.

24. you have mentioned as watching movies is one of your hobbies, tell me the recent movie you watched that has a social message?

Be ready with a valid answer.

25. You are given a leave for a day, suddenly you are ordered to come to office by your superior? Will you come or not?

To come or not, that actually depends on that particular instance if at all I’m near and able to come office , I would definitely come. Else I would know the reason for sudden call and act according to it in order to present.

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