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vanka manikanth

Vanka Manikanth, computer science graduate having immense interest on new computer technologies article writing, penning stories and also worked as an Assistant Director for many Telugu feature films and even handled the script works.

He works as a Software Engineer at SAJIX SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.

He believes that after medicine it is Music and Literature has the power to deal with the emotions of Human.

His philosophy:
❝Reading a Success Story might motivate you what to do? But reading a Failure Story of a person manipulates you what not do.❞

His submissions

Articles (1)

  1. Most Frequently Asked HR Interview Questions.

Tech Tutorials/Code Snippets (16)

  1. CRUD Operations using JSP.
  2. Introduction to JSTL (Java Standard Tag Library).
  3. Page count implementation using JSP (Java Server Page).
  4. Comment Box design in Bootstrap using AJAX, MYSQL and JSP
  5. AJAX Request in JSP - An Example.
  6. Difference between FORWARD and INCLUDE request in JSP.
  7. Expression Language in JSP.
  8. Difference between POST and GET methods in JSP.
  9. Login Session using JSP.
  10. jQuery Validation for JSP with Bootstrap Design.
  11. Reading All parameter's values at a time in JSP.
  12. User Login System in Servlet and JSP by MVC pattern using MySQL.
  13. JSP - How to use bean action tag with session scope?
  14. Design Registration Form using Servlets and Mysql using MVC Pattern.
  15. What is Bigdata & Hadoop?
  16. Java fundamentals for Android Application Development.

Cyber Security

  1. What is Cyber Security? Why it is required?
  2. Goals of Cyber Security
  3. Most common definitions in Cyber Security (with MCQs)
  4. Zero Trust Security Model (with MCQs)

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