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Polycola: A new way to search engines


In this article, we are going to learn about the polycola, which a new way to search engines, here we will learn what is polycola and how does it work?
Submitted by Shamikh Faraz, on May 08, 2018

Polycola is a new way to search engines. Its specialty is its result, can be seen simultaneously in two search engines. Its history is a little odd. It launched in 2005. Initially named as, "Gahooyoogle.com" but due to some disputes the name was changed as "Polycola.com". It is faster than other search engines and search for any information that is more time savings. It is famous in American and European countries and is used a lot.

It supports the six search engines Google, Yahoo!, AOL, ASK, BING, and Dogpile. In these six search engines, you can choose any two search engines. The search bar appears over the list of six search engines. A list of six search engines shows at one side and also a list of six search engines shows on the other side. In the first list you have to choose a search engine. In the second list you have to select another search engine as well. Then type in the search bar above to find whatever you want. Links of your information retrieved by the two search engines simultaneously on the same web page will appear.

In "Polycola" any search engine you can change according to your convenience. Suppose you are searching in Google and Yahoo. But if you are not satisfied with the information discovered by these search engines, then you can change your search engines. You can search on BING and AOL or you can pick any two. As you search on these, then in the result on the half page you will find the links of your required data in the search engine selected from the first list and on the second half page you will get the links in the search engine selected from the second list of six search engines.

Over the search bar web, images, video & shopping name will appear as four links. If you need information about any of these, then select the option to search again. Also you can make it your home page and can add to Favorite.

PolyCola is a meta-search engine. A meta-search engine is an engine in which you submit a word or a set or words or anything else you want. Then it forwards your search query to other search engines and other search engines send it to their databases. In a minimum possible time, you are receiving your desired results by different search engines. A meta-search is, when search engine does not have its own database consisted of web pages. In other words, when searching is not done in particular search engine’s database, rather than it is sent to other search engine’s database.

Searching in Polycola

  • PolyCola gives searchers to select two search engines among listed above different search engines
  • Then you can choose a search category from general Web Browser to Blogs as defined.
  • Now enter search query and click "PolyCola it"
  • Your desired results are produced on a page that is consisted of two search engines that were selected by you. Every search engine page can be scrolled separately so that comparisons of results from different meta-search engines are easier and faster.

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