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Shamikh Faraz

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Shamikh Faraz studied MCA from UP Technical University Lucknow and M. Tech (CSE) from Uttrakhand Technical University, Dehradun. He has seven years of experience in teaching/training and development on computer science and IT industry. Currently he is working as android and web developer. He is also online tutor for chegg.com and instaedu.com. He runs his own YouTube channel ‘Tech Lawn’ and blog ‘http://codinglawn.blogspot.in’. His interest includes C, C++, Java, HTML, MySql, Oracle, Android, Robotics, expert system etc.

He has written international and national research papers got published in different international and national seminars, journals and conferences. He is a life member of Indian science congress association, India, member of International association of Engineers, Hongkong, member of International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology”, Singapore.

Shamikh Faraz

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