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Top 5 Websites for Learning C++ Programming Language

Top websites for learning C++ programming language: This article contains the basic information about C++ programming and some of the top websites (online resources) to learn C++ programming language.
Submitted by Prerana Jain, on May 13, 2018

Top websites for learning C++ programming language

Let’s have a look about C++ programming language first,

C++ is an Object Oriented Programming language and it was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1985. In Object oriented programming language data and function are organised in one entity called classes.

Everything in this world is an object and the human being in this world is very close to these objects because these objects are commonly used by human beings. So, the programming Technology is modelled as Object oriented it is very easy to handled and understand by the programmer or common users.

That’s why this programming technology is also known as the real world or real time programming language.

The object-oriented programming technique treats the data as an element or as an object. This binds the object or element with the function which is used to manipulate object. Oops protect the object from accidental modification in the structure of object is called class.

C++ works on the concept of Object and the Classes. Classes are the collection of similar type of objects and object are the variable of type class. Class is a factory which is used to produce object. Classes are logical abstraction while object have the physical existence.

Some important Characteristic of object-oriented programming

  • Object Oriented Programming Follow Bottom up approach.
  • In Oops data is hidden and cannot access by any external function even main.
  • Objects of the same class may communicate with each other through the functions design in the main.
  • The concept of Object Oriented Programming can directly be mapped with real life problem.
  • The functions operate on the data of the object are tied together in a data structure.
  • In Oops Inheritance is one of the characteristic by using this we can create new class by extending and enhancing the new class.
  • Oops provides the concept of encapsulation in which we wrap up the data and functions in a single unit. The functions which are only in the class can access the data.
  • Object –Oriented Programming can easily be manipulated from small system to large system.
  • In Oops for design software we have to identify objects, design the models and try to create the link between objects.

Top websites for learning C++ programming language

1) Cplusplus

Top websites for learning C++ programming language - cplusplus

An amazing website for computer science students and developers to learn C++ programming language from beginning to advance level.

This website has good collection of C++ programming tutorials, function, class’s references, articles and forum.

Link: http://www.cplusplus.com/

2) TutorialsPoint

Top websites for learning C++ programming language - tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is top most website, which provides step by step tutorials on Computer programming languages. I would recommend learning C++ programming language from this website.

Link: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/cplusplus/index.htm

3) LearnCpp

Top websites for learning C++ programming language - learncpp

Learncpp is a completely free website which provides you to learn how to program in C++. Whether you have any prior programming experience or not. The tutorials on this site will teach you everything you need to know with lots of examples.

Link: http://www.learncpp.com/

4) MyCplus

Top websites for learning C++ programming language - mycplus

This website is developed to help everyone who wish to learn C and C++ programming language. This website provides many necessary resources like programming tutorial, source code, library references and also the discussion forum where you can post your problem.

Link: https://www.mycplus.com/

5) Cprogramming

Top websites for learning C programming language - cprogramming

This is a best site for C and C++ programming language. Which is very popular and beginner friendly. It hopes to facilitate the creation of solution that makes a world smarter.

Link: https://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/c++-tutorial.html

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