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Prerana Jain

I am a Computer Science student pursing Bachelor of Engineering from Rustamji institute of Technology Gwalior. I am educational tech enthusiast and interested in learning new technology. I am having great interest on new technology and writing technical stuff. I also have good programming skills in many programming technology C, C++, Java.

I have a good problem solving approach and ability to work efficiently. I am passionate to achieve more Knowledge about latest technology which are leading us to new world.

Area of Interest: C, C++, java, Data structures and Algorithms, Database Management System, operating system.

“Success does not always come from the big actions we take, but from the sum of all the small actions we take.”

Her submissions


  1. Classification of Schedules in DBMS.
  2. Transaction in Database Management System.
  3. Concurrency and problem due to concurrency in DBMS.
  4. Top 50 DBMS Interview Questions and Answers.
  5. Normalization in Database Management System.
  6. Architecture of Database Management System.
  7. Different types of Data Model in DBMS.
  8. Functional Dependency and Attribute Closure in DBMS.
  9. File Oriented and Database Approach in DBMS.
  10. Introduction of Database Management system.
  11. Conversion of ER Diagram to Relational Model.
  12. Introduction of ER Diagram/ER Modelling.
  13. DBMS | Concurrency Control and Various methods of concurrency control.
  14. DBMS | File Organization.
  15. Log based Recovery in Database Management System


  1. Radix Sort and its Algorithm.
  2. Tournament Tree and their properties.
  3. Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication in algorithms.
  4. Introduction to Greedy Strategy in Algorithms.
  5. Non Recursive Tree Traversal Algorithm.

Computer basics

  1. History and characteristics of programming languages.
  2. Classification of Computers.
  3. Categorisation of High-level programming languages.
  4. Generations of programming language.
  5. Generations of Computers.

Operating systems

  1. Device and Security Management in Operating System.
  2. Types, functions of User Interfaces of Operating Systems.
  3. Services of Operating System.
  4. Cooperating processes in the Operating System.
  5. Multilevel Queue Scheduling in Operating System.
  6. Critical Section in Operating System.
  7. Classical Synchronization problem in Operating System.
  8. Operating system solutions by semaphore.
  9. Deadlock and method for handling deadlock
  10. File allocation method in Operating System
  11. File System and Access Methods in Operating System
  12. Free Space Management in Operating System
  13. Process classification and scheduling in Operating System
  14. System Calls in Operating System
  15. Multiprocessor Scheduling in Operating System
  16. Concept of physical and virtual memory in Operating System
  17. Cache Mapping and their types

Computer Science Organization

  1. Computer Science Organization | Instruction Set and their types.
  2. Computer Science Organization | Registers.
  3. Computer Science Organization | Machine Cycle.
  4. Computer Science Organization | Input and Output Transfer Mode.
  5. Computer Science Organization | Internal Communication of Processor.
  6. Computer Science Organization | Memory Organization.
  7. Types of cache replacement policies


  1. Top 5 Websites for Learning C++ Programming Language.

Data Structure

  1. Interval Tree in Data Structure.
  2. Threaded Binary Tree | Data Structure.

Computer Graphics

  1. Cathode ray tube in Computer Graphics

Discrete Mathematics

  1. Set theory and types of set in Discrete Mathematics
  2. Operations performed on the set in Discrete Mathematics
  3. Group theory and their type in Discrete Mathematics
  4. Functions and the types of functions
  5. Algebraic Structure and properties of structure | Discrete Mathematics
  6. Permutation Group | Discrete Mathematics
  7. Types of Relation | Discrete Mathematics
  8. Relation and the properties of relation | Discrete Mathematics
  9. Rings and Types of Rings | Discrete Mathematics
  10. Finite Automata | Discrete Mathematics
  11. Normal forms and their types | Discrete Mathematics
  12. Preposition logic | Discrete Mathematics
  13. Operations in preposition logic | Discrete Mathematics
  14. Contiguous and Non-Contiguous memory allocation in Operating System

Soft Computing

  1. Introduction to Soft Computing and Its Types


  1. Python XOR and Arrays | Competitive Coding Questions
  2. Python Arithmetic Sequences | Competitive Coding Questions
  3. Python Power Challenge | Competitive Coding Questions
  4. Python Tic Tac Toe | Competitive Coding Questions
  5. Python Shoes Matching | Competitive Coding Questions

Computer Networks

  1. Intent-Based Networking
  2. Software-Defined Networking

Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud Information Security
  2. Types of Cloud Security Services
  3. Cloud Networking

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