Top programming languages for people looking to learn coding in 2023

In this tutorial, we will learn about the top programming languages for people looking to learn coding in 2023. By IncludeHelp Last updated : May 04, 2023

It goes without saying that computer programming and its associated fields are the most in-demand and future-proof skills of our time.

Technology is advancing, the digital realm is expanding and more and more businesses are leveraging IT to prepare for the future, all these factors have led to an explosive demand for computer programmers all across the world.

And while the demand for computer science professionals is constantly on the rise, several other professions seem like they will become obsolete in the near future, forcing thousands of people to think about re-skilling themselves.

There are literally dozens and dozens of programming languages out there, in fact, there are so many of them that people looking to shift to coding as a profession can get overwhelmed by just having to pick which one to learn.

Well, worry not, this write-up is directed at helping you make the right choice.

But before we jump onto a discussion about in-demand programming languages for beginners, there is one thing that must be pointed out.

Recent surveys have shown that well over 70 percent of new programmers are leveraging online platforms to hone coding skills. Because the internet is choke full of very interactive, free, and comprehensive programming courses that can help you learn this high-paying skill.

So, before setting out on your learning journey make sure that you have continuous access to a reliable, fast-paced, and economical internet connection. Several established internet service providers (ISPs) like Spectrum are beaming lightning fast connectivity to American homes. It's about time that you took advantage of their services.

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Now, that we have made sure that you have the necessary infrastructure figured out, let's jump on to the languages you can try your luck with.


Python is perhaps the most well-known and famed programming language of our time. And there are several pretty convincing causes underpinning the popularity of this programming language.

For starters, Python is a general-purpose programming language. This means that, unlike several other programming languages which are limited to one or two niche usages, Python can be used for a variety of varying tasks.

There is an extremely vast repository of Python frameworks and libraries which can be deployed for Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Automation, Scripting, and even Game development. In short, it's a one-stop shop for programmers of many categories.

Python is also very easy to learn. The syntax of the language is very intuitive and close to human languages. This makes Python an ideal programming language for beginners and entry-level coders.

Python also has a huge community of developers backing it up. So, if you get stuck while coding or even learning there is no shortage of people who'll jump at the chance to help you out, without any charge whatsoever.


First thing first, Rust is not child's play. It's a serious programming language and is considerably harder to learn. But once you've built a grip on it, there is no shortage of tasks you can be hired to perform.

The language is so handy that it has been topping stack overflow's developer survey as the most-loved programming language for seven straight years.

Rust is a low-level programming language and is primarily used for creating systems applications like search engines, coding micro-controllers and even creating operating systems.

Though owing to its speed the language has been adopted by machine learning professionals and data analysts specifically in science-heavy fields.

Rust has been pitched by many developers as a much-sought alternative to C++. The language is designed to address memory management issues and resulting bugs which C++ is famous for. It also offers much better concurrent programming support as compared to its ancestor.

Recently the language has been used to perform patchwork on Window's OS and developers are experimenting with the idea of coding Linux's kernel using Rust as well.

In short, the language is all set to replace the dinosaurs, C and C++, when it comes to systems-level and bare-metal programming.

In simple words, if you start learning now, the chances of you landing a very well-paid job in over a year's time are extremely high.


Java is another beginner-friendly high-level programming language that is primarily used to create games, mobile applications, and websites. Even recently, the language has found some use in Machine Learning and Data Sciences as well.

Remember that smoking hot coffee mug that appears when you launch a wide category of web applications, well that's Javas logo. The language is extremely popular and has reportedly been used on over 3 Billion devices to date.

One of the best features of Java is platform agnostic. Owing to the JDK and JVM, programmers can run the same Java code on a host of different operating systems without a hitch.

Moreover, the language also integrates very easily with other programming languages, making it an ideal choice for popular mobile and web applications.

Lastly, not only is the language easy to learn, it is very effective for teaching and learning fundamental programming concepts like Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures.

And as long as there are apps, there will always be a shortage of Java developers.

Wrap Up

Computer programming is a highly in-demand skill. People who are looking to start out in the job market or are looking to make mid-career shifts can easily learn this skill by utilizing the huge amounts of free resources available on the internet.

And if you are confused about which programming language to invest your time in, just pick one from our list and let your brain go wild.


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