Java programming language

Here are the popular Java programming language topics.

Basic Topics

  1. Explain JDK and JRE.
  2. Why java is platform independent?
  3. Differences between path and classpath in java?
  4. Differences between Heap and Stack Memory in Java?
  5. Different types of comments.
  6. Printing the formatted text with printf in Java.
  7. Java - Difference between float and double.
  8. Difference between next() and nextLine() methods.
  9. Difference between throw and throws.
  10. Unexpected Behaviour of Standard Java Input and Output through Scanner Class.
  11. Variable declaration, initialization in Java.
  12. Compare final, finally and finalize() in java.
  13. Conditional/Control Statements
    1. break statement in java.
  14. Looping statements
    1. for-each (enhanced for loop) in Java
  15. Command Line Arguments in Java with Example.
  16. How to declare and initialize an array in Java?
  17. Basic Array Operations in Java using Eclipse.
  18. Java Garbage Collection with Examples.
  19. Final and static keywords in Java with Example.
  20. BigInteger Class and BigDecimal Class in Java.
  21. Java - this reference.
  22. this keyword and this() method in Java.
  23. super keyword and super() method in Java.
  24. Wrapper Classes in Java with Example.
  25. Basics of File Handling in Java with Example.
  26. Implementation of Methods of Math Class in Java.
  27. Scanner class and its methods in Java.
  28. How to generate random numbers within a range in Java?
  29. Explain recursion in Java with an Example.
  30. Explain StringBuffer with an example in Java.
  31. Types of Lists in Java
  32. Compare array and ArrayList in Java.
  33. Explain java ArrayList and its methods.
  34. Compare ArrayList and LinkedList in Java.
  35. Differences between abstract class and interface?
  36. Differences between abstraction and encapsulation?
  37. ToString Method in Java.
  38. Comparator in Java.
  39. Vector Class in Java.
  40. Why string is immutable or final in java?
  41. What is Deadlock, how to analyze and avoid it in java?
  42. Batch Processing In Java.
  43. Comparision of StringBuffer and StringBuilder.

Dynamic Programming

  1. Coin change problem and solution in Java.
  2. Solution of minimum spanning tree problem in Java using Kruskal's Algorithm.


  1. Start a java project in eclipse.
  2. Implementing a java class in eclipse.
  3. A JavaScript file in eclipse.
  4. Servlet file in Eclipse Mars.
  5. Dynamic Web project in eclipse.

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