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Flynn's Classification of Computer Architecture

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the Flynn's Classification of Computer Architecture in Computer Science Organization.
Submitted by Uma Dasgupta, on November 21, 2019

Classification of computer architecture

According to Flynn's there are four different classification of computer architecture,

1) SISD (Single Instruction Single Data Stream)

Single instruction: Only one instruction stream is being acted or executed by CPU during one clock cycle.

Single data stream: Only one data stream is used as input during one clock cycle.

flynns classification (1)

A SISD computing system is a uniprocessor machine that is capable of executing a single instruction operating on a single data stream. Most conventional computers have SISD architecture where all the instruction and data to be processed have to be stored in primary memory.

2) SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data Stream)

A SIMD system is a multiprocessor machine, capable of executing the same instruction on all the CPUs but operating on the different data stream.

IBM 710 is the real life application of SIMD.

flynns classification (2)

3) MISD (Multiple Instruction Single Data stream)

An MISD computing is a multiprocessor machine capable of executing different instructions on processing elements but all of them operating on the same data set.

flynns classification (3)

4) MIMD (Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream)

A MIMD system is a multiprocessor machine that is capable of executing multiple instructions over multiple data streams. Each processing element has a separate instruction stream and data stream.

flynns classification (4)


In the above article, we discussed Flynn's classification of computer architecture in brief with illustrative diagrams in a very easy manner. Don’t forget to go through the diagrams as well.

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