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Uma Dasgupta

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Uma Dasgupta
Name Uma Dasgupta
Study Perusing B.tech+M.tech integrated Course in the field of computer science
College ITM University, Gwalior
Interest Big Data Analysis, Data structure, database management System, Operating System, Research works.
Languages C /C++, Java, Python (preliminary), Oracle, SQL / Mysql, HTML, CSS

“Life is not qualified by fluent English, branded clothes, or a rich and sophisticated lifestyle.. It is measured by the number of faces who smile when they hear your name!”

Her submissions

Bigdata and Hadoop

  1. Difference between BIG DATA ANALYTICS and DATA MINING and future scopes of BIG DATA
  2. Big Data: An emerging trend on IT sector
  3. How to get started with big data?
  4. 5 must-have skills required for big data
  5. Introduction to Hadoop and its Physical Architecture
  6. PCY Algorithm in Big Data Analytics
  7. Dimensions of Big Data
  8. Saving lives with Big Data
  9. 20 Amazing Facts about Big Data
  10. How to Download and install Hadoop?

Cloud computing

  1. Risks involved in Cloud Computing

Computer Networks

  1. Switching Techniques in Data Communication
  2. Different protocols working on Transport, Network and Application layers

Embedded Systems

  1. Different Addressing Modes of 8086 Microprocessor
  2. Data copy/ Transfer Instruction | Instruction set of 8086 Microprocessor
  3. Arithmetic and Logical Operations of 8086 Microprocessor
  4. General Instruction Formats in 8086 Microprocessor

Computer Architecture

  1. Flynn's Classification of Computer Architecture
  2. Shared Memory Multiprocessor and Instruction Execution
  3. Issues with Pipelining (Hazards) | Computer Architecture
  4. Memory Hierarchy Technology in Computer Architecture
  5. Cache Coherence Problem in Computer Architecture
  6. Load Balancing and Its Types
  7. Dynamic Load Balancing

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