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What is the full form of AMW?

Full form of AMW: Here, we are going to learn about the AMW, full form of AMW, overview, products, awards, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on January 22, 2020

AMW: Asian Motors Limited

AMW is an abbreviation of Asian Motors Limited (AMW Motors Ltd.). It is the most significant HCV producer of India which provides transport solutions for India's fast-growing financial system. A large variety of products are manufactured by AMW for heavy-duty applications in mining, construction, power, highways, cargo transportation, etc. AMW's haulage trucks are designed to provide a person most favorable performances on any type of road from rural roads to expressways. AMW tippers are suitable for the irregular and fall suddenly of mining and extracting materials from quarry operational works. In 2006, AMW was founded. Its head office is established at Mumbai, Maharashtra. The AMW is founded by Mr. Anirudh Bhuwalka who is also the CEO of the company.

AMW: Asian Motors Limited

AMW is extended over 2 million sq meters whose manufacturing unit situated in Bhuj, Gujrat and it is certified to TS16949 by TUV. It manufactures an extensive range of vehicles for a variety of civilian and security applications. Its highest level of general development also comprises axles, assembly, drivelines, frame shop, test center, and cab painting services. The AMW's vehicles are exported to the SAARC nations comprising Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.


  • Tipper
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Long Haul/Tractors
  • Special Trucks

Around 20 billion rs have invested by AMW over in the factory of Bhuj and have a facility to manufacture 50,000 vehicles a year. In further, additionally, AMW manufactures tipper bodies, trailers, and other fully built vehicles at their production factory.

The production comprises assembly, axles and drivelines, frame shop and automated cab painting services.

AMW produce gears for the automotive and wide-ranging engineering industries. 15 million wheel rims production of AMW's capacity, makes it the leading solo place production factory in Asia. Over 1500 touch points AMW has across India. The manufacturing company provides pressed metal gears to the world's auto and white goods manufacturers.


  • Received Editors Choice Award for Iconic CV Product for its '2518 TP tipper' at the Apollo CV awards 2013 function held in Mumbai.
  • On 5 April 2011, AMW CV Application won the Truck Application Builder of The Year award at Apollo CV Awards held in Mumbai.
  • CV Magazine and Zee Business News awarded the "CV Innovation of the Year" Award for 2010.
  • NDTV Profit & Bike Awards awarded CV of the Year 2008 award.
  • At Altair HTC 2012, the AMW R&D team won the first prize.

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