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What is the full form of BBIAF?

Full form of BBIAF: Here, we are going to learn about the BBIAF, BBIAF – which is an abbreviation of Be Back In A Few in Email jargon, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 12, 2020

BBIAF: Be Back In A Few

BBIAF is an abbreviation of "Be Back In A Few"

It is an expression, which is commonly used in messaging or chatting on social media networking sites like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and Gmail, etc. Basically, it is used to indicate a circumstance on the social media online chat, when during a conversation a person wants to say to the other person that "I will come back to this conversation in few time". So, normally it shows that either he or she on the social media platform regard as likely to be gone from his or her personal computer for a short period of time. It is also an approach to show courteousness so that the user on the other side does not doubt why this type of situation arising in which the person is not replying to anything of conversation for a while.

Example of online conversation:

    1.	Person1: Hi...  
    2.	Person2: Hi...  
    3.	/// Chat continues...  
    4.	.  
    5.	.  
    6.	.  
    7.	After a period of time....  
    8.	Person1: I have to go someplace   
    9.	Person1: BBIAF  
    10.	Person2: ok.... I will wait.  

This kind of circumstance normally arises in conversations of social media online chatting or messaging. Now, these days, the demands of acronyms are very high on social media online chatting or messaging, so the users usually use BBIAF as a replacement for Be Back In A Few.

Many clients who message without delay straight away also have the facility for users to lay down their status to "away," with a visual prompt showing that the user is somewhere else away for a while and cannot be anticipated to act in response instantaneously to the conversation messages.

Conventionally, though, BBIAF alludes to a Big Red Button, a significant, unexceptional button connected with power, reset, detonation, self-destruction, emergency shut-down, or ejection switch. The only actual directive for the BBIAF is "do not press," except if it's a particularly terrible condition, by all means.

While this slang is very common in gaming and chatting platform, still many are unaware of this slang.

In the corporate industry too, these slangs are common and used in a very large manner. The industry itself likes those employees who are smart enough and stay updated with such digital languages which are familiar, easy and are good at time management.

So, from now whenever you want to mark your absence in a digital platform for a very short interval of time, just use BBIAF and go.

Thanks for reading. BBIAF.

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