What is BIOS Boot Specification (BBS)?

BIOS Boot Specification (BBS): Here, we are going to learn about the BIOS Boot Specification, its history, and objectives, etc.
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BBS: BIOS Boot Specification

BBS is an abbreviation of "BIOS Boot Specification". It describes as an attribute inside the BIOS that builds and keeps up a record of the entire IPL devices establish in the system and piles up this record in NV memory.

IPL devices appear in three essences:

  1. BAID
  2. PnP Card
  3. Legacy

In all the three essences, barely BAIDs and PnP Cards are specified and Legacy devices are not maintained for a number of motives.

  • Primarily, they incline to take charge of the boot progression in general creating them somewhat unsociable.
  • Secondarily, they make available no ways for recognizing themselves as an IPL device.
  • Lastly, the BIOS cannot selectively boot from one of numerous Legacy IPL devices in a system.

The BIOS Boot Specification makes available one fundamental attribute, the IPL Priority. The IPL Priority is a user-stated priority of IPL devices that is organized in Setup. This boot arrangement is related to the general attribute of boot A: then C: or vice versa, other than holds up supplementary IPL devices. In addition in the system, the number of IPL devices may differ from one power-on to another. Each and every time the user switches on the system the entire IPL devices in the system are specified.

Furthermore, the BIOS Boot Specification describes the BCV Priority. The BCV Priority is a user-stated priority record of INT 13h Device Controllers that are organized in Setup. This listing of record states the sequence of arrangement that the controllers will be called to establish their INT 13h drive support for the duration of POST.

BIOS Boot Specification Objective

  • The objective of this specification is to illustrate a system of methods by which the BIOS will categorize the entire IPL (Initial Program Load) devices in the system, prioritize them in the sequence of arrangement the user decides on, and after that successively go through each device and try to boot.
  • The BIOS should turn out to be highly intelligent about booting for the reason that the Plug and Play BIOS Specification put supplementary necessities on the BIOS in the duration of the boot progression, and there are at present more devices that are bootable such as CD-ROM, network remote boot, PCMCIA, etc.
  • It is significant that this specification describes a boot system that is standard and supple in an adequate amount to enable booting from virtually any accessible IPL device and for the classification of upcoming IPL devices as well.

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