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What is the full form of CEO?

Full form of CEO: Here, we are going to learn about the CEO, full form of CEO, overview, responsibilities of a CEO, qualification required to become a CEO, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on February 04, 2020

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

CEO is an abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer. It is mainly the highest leading superior corporate officer or administrator in any organization or company that controls overall management and administration of the organization or company.

The CEO of an organization or company operates under the chairman or board of directors and give information and details of the overall report of the organization or company directly to the chairman or board of directors. He is in charge to create modifications by applying policies and encourage, motivate and inspire the employees. A great amount of hard work, experience, and business networking knowledge are required to become a CEO.

In the non-profit and government segment, CEOs, in general, aspire at achieving results that are connected to the organization's mission, such as reducing poverty, increasing literacy, etc.

CEO full form

CEO Responsibilities

The Company's chairman or board of directors gives a large number of tasks and responsibilities to the CEO.

Following given below are some of the CEO's responsibilities,

  • A CEO makes all the most significant corporate decisions.
  • A CEO makes a healthy operational and functioning environment.
  • A CEO encourages, motivates and inspires the employees of the organization or company.
  • A CEO makes modifications in policies, strategies and business tactics.
  • A CEO headed all the operations of the organization or company.
  • A CEO allocates responsibilities and tasks to its sub-ordinates.
  • A CEO administers fundraising planning, preparation, and implementation.
  • A CEO helps out in the selection of board members.
  • A CEO administers the manufacturing, production, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality or standard of products and services.
  • A CEO suggests or proposes an annual budget and sensibly and intelligently controls and manages resources of the organization.
  • A CEO gives surety on the products or services of the organization which is accordingly in line and procession with the vision and mission of the organization or company.

Educational Qualification to become a CEO

To become a CEO of any organization or company, there is not an exact and detailed educational qualification given for the position. This is the highest leading position given in an organization or company, which is selected by the board of directors of an organization or company; but it is mostly seen that the majority of the CEOs have a business, law or any technical degree in science and engineering.

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