What is the full form of ChDir?

Full form of ChDir: Here, we are going to learn what does ChDir stands for? ChDir – which is an abbreviation of "Change Directory" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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ChDir: Change Directory

chDir is an abbreviation of "Change Directory" also known as "cd command". It is a command-line shell command, which works to change the operational directory in a variety of operating systems such as Unix, IBM OS/2, Microsoft Windows, DOS, Linux, etc. POSIX describes chDir as a system call, which has an effect on the commands directory in the majority of operating systems.

Executions of chDir/cd command

  • The execution of command chDir/cd has been done in a variety of operating systems such as UNIX, IBM OS/2, Microsoft Windows, DOS, Linux, etc.
  • It is also accessible in the emulator program of the DOS operating system, known as DOSBox and in the intel based Extensible Firmware Interface shell.
  • Inside the course of progression of shells, Windows PowerShell, Microsoft's object-oriented command-line shell and scripting language carry out the use of cd command.

ChDir Usage

  • A directory is a file system, which contains various directories, sub-directories, and files.
  • The cd or chDir command can be used to change the directory into a subdirectory, into the most basic directory or return to the main directory. It gives access to any directory in the file system.
  • The use of the chDir command can be put in shell scripts and batch files.
  • Examples of chDir command syntax:
    • In C language:  int chdir(const char *Directory path);
    • In DOS: chDir(cd)[d:]directory path or chDir(cd)[..]
    • In Unix/Linux: Syntax: $cd ~ or $cd ~username
      signifies home directory
      user signifies username home directory
  • In DOS, distinct operational directories get maintained in case of each lettered drive, and it also contains a model of an existing operational drive.

Reference: Cd_(command)

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